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                On land of 39,000 square meters, our processing facilities utilize a space of 26,000 square meters.

                Divided into three main operations:

                1. Drying

                2. 2.Russet

                3. 3.Finishing  

                Our facilities are technically advanced through the installation of modern equipment, supplied by internationally respected machine suppliers. These include Bauce?, Cartigliano?, Bergi?and Gemata?.

                Our production team consists of 300 individuals all trained to three-level rating, including prior training on health &safety (OHS) and operational task specifics. Through a stable work environment and skilled training, we have a low personnel turnaround.

                Our quality teams, exert strict control on production processes, linked to the 5S methodology ensuring our products meet the customer requirements at all times.

                Company area:


                Production area:


                Production Equipments:


                Direct employees: