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                Welcome to Schinder

                Haining Schinder Tanning Co. Ltd, founded in 2002, is a professional tanning company manufacturing and supplier of automotive interiors. The company is located in city of Haining, famous for the leather industry in China. Haining is geographically conveniently located and has a well expanded infrastructure, thereby allowing easy access to transportation. After many years of market research and product development, Schinder has grown to become the largest manufacturing supply company of automotive interiors.  

                Over the years the Company has built a strong reputation and increased its customer base, these not only limited to the domestic market but expanding over multinational corporations.

                Our strong R&D team has focused on market requirements, thereby introducing two mainstream leather articles, chrome and chrome free.

                Our state of the art testing facility allows for customer specific testing and is always up to date with any advanced changes.

                Further to our continuous expansion, we are proud to introduce to you our new innovation and testing facility, allowing us to develop new products for future OEM lines.


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                Schinder products

                Our company is supplying a large quantity of products without chrome tanning leather and chrome tan leather.


                Models show


                Environmental protection concept

                Research and development

                Our R&D team is skilled, experienced and dedicated to the profession! Our world-class LABS provide world-class guarantee for the development of technology r&d teams!


                Our company advocates green environmental protection;
                All sewerage is strictly followed by the government's anti-pollution laws and regulations to conduct biochemical treatment.
                The exhaust gas is discharged after the odor is removed by the photocatalyst.
                In April 2006,iso 14001 environmental system certification was adopted;



                Haining Schinder, pay attention to the independent technology research and development at the same time, is also committed to work closely with the international well-known chemical material supplier, committed to common development meet the requirements of various forms a test of world class automotive leather.


                Advanced production

                Schinder raw materials are selected from the world and set up his own procurement company in Victoria, Australia

                Company cover:39000M2

                Workshop land:26000M2

                Professional equipment:97

                Front-line employees:377

                Attach importance to the construction of quality system, strictly control the production process, improve the 5S work in the field, to ensure that the quality products meet the customer's requirements on time in a good environment.